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Our Raspberry Products

                       Jams and Jelly

Try our many different flavors of gourmet Raspberry Jams and Jelly. None of them are high sugar, so you get a nice fruit taste. We have a flavor that will suit you taste. All of our products are made from fresh, hand picked fruit and are bursting with flavor.



  • Regular Raspberry Jam          
  • More Fruit Raspberry Jam
  • Honey Raspberry Jam             
  • Jalapeno Raspberry Jam
  • Apple Rapberry Jam
  • Peach Raspberry Jam
  • Pear Raspberry Jam
  • Red Raspberry Jelly
  • Seedless Raspberry Jam
  • Wineberry Jam           

Ø     Prices                               

 Small     4 oz..............$4.00 each

 Medium  8 oz..............$6.00 each

 Large    11 oz. ............$8.50 each

Raspberry Vinegar

 Our Raspberry Vinegar makes a great
raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing or
you can use it straight out of the bottle
on your favorite salad. It also adds a
nice flavor to your sandwiches

  • Price    


          $6.00 Per 6 oz Bottle





Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

Try our best seller, Raspberry Chipotle

Sauce. It has an excellent flavor. There

is just enough heat to go with the sweet

to give your taste buds that little bit of

zing. You can use it as a meat glaze for

chicken, pork or beef. Or, just pour it

over some softened cream cheese for a

dip to use with your favorite corn chips.

Ø      Price

     $8.50 Per 10 oz Bottle


Raspberry Topping   

Our Raspberry Topping is one

of our most popular products.

It has the whole raspberry in it.

Use it on ice cream, cheese

cake or drizzle it on your

favorite dessert. 

Ø      Price

      $8.50 Per 10 oz Bottle

Raspberry Syrup

Our Raspberry Syrup is made

with pure raspberry juice and

bursting with flavor. Try it on

your pancakes or waffles. It is

great !!!

 Ø      Price

         $8.50 Per 10.8 oz Bottle





 Raspberry BBQ Sauce

 Our BBQ suace has a tang
 to it with a little bit of heat.
You can taste the raspberry!

  • Price

             $8.50 Per 12 oz. Bottle


Red Raspberry Salsa
Our raspberry salsa has a nice
fruit flavor with just a touch of heat.
The lid is large enough that you can
eat right out of the jar. Once you taste
it, you can't stop eating it!

  • Price

        $8.75 Per 11 oz. Jar