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December 2016 

Answers on what we are doing with the Raspberry Business      

      There has been a lot of questions and rumors going around as to what we are doing with the Raspberry Business. We are not closing the business at this time!!!   Due to several reasons we have decided to slow down and not do as much. Our plan is to concentrate on the fresh season and just do u-pick. It has become harder and harder to find enough help to do the volume of raspberries we have been doing for the last 17 years. Our expenses have grown astronomically and we are making less and less each year. By doing u-pick it will take a lot less labor to get thru the season. We plan on doing a limited amount of jam and other products for the fresh season and not continuing the gift boxes except for a few during the season. 

     This next year we are making plans for the Solar Eclipse that is coming on August 21st. It will come right thru the center of our farm. We have tenative plans to put in some dry camping lots and parking for people who want to come a see the Eclipse that day. We are talking about having food available, also. Please check back to see what we are doing as our plans get firmed up.


      Store Hours:  The Store is closed  except by appointment, please call and we would be glad to help you. We still have some product available for sale.


12/30/2016                                                                                                               Thanks from everyone at Raspberry Farms!!!