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September 2015

Raspberries are slow again!           

      The rapsberries have slowed down again! We are picking six days a week but the volume of berries is down and we are getting a lot of soft ones that have to be frozen for jam berries. We have had a hard time filling large orders of flats. When we do large orders we don't have the berries avaiable for our drive in  customers. We do have the frozen jam berries for sale. We're sorry but that is the best we can do right now.  Hopefully the weather will stabilize and the raspberries will start producing better again before the season is over. The weather looks great for the next 10 days. It is supposed to be sunny and warm with no indication of frost. If you are driving any distance at all, please call to make sure that we have berrie available. We have the u-pick rows so that you can pick you own if you come.

     We also have a few other vegetables available now at our store. Depending on what is ripe in our garden, we have cucumbers, summer squash, fresh cut flowers, dill weed and some other things. Check it out when you are here!

     We have our 17 different raspberry products and frozen raspberries available all the time. We also have our gift boxes.

     Just a reminder! Don't forget about the private labeled products we can do for weddings or other occasions. We can print your picture or whatever you would like on the label. They make nice gifts for family reunions.

      Our Summer picking season hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m. Monday thru Saturday and we are closed  on Sunday.



9/23/15                                                                                                                Thanks from everyone at Raspberry Farms!!!